Genocide By Proxy (words and music by Kevin Closs)

drums, bass, guitar, e. piano, maracas, voice, sampler

Smoke blows into a grey winter sky
Old crow laughs at the jumbled to and fro
While far below
The dying breath of a poor lost miner
Clings to exposed veins of bright potential
Only to drift away
On greedy clouds of our blind ambition

Dogs roam the quiet morning avenue
Skirting vinyl facades that hide old decay
And fading dreams
Proud fearless buck spits from passing monster
Snatches up the evidence of my damnation
Call it genocide by proxy
And pour me another cup of cold redemption

White blanket falls upon sleeping giant
While seasons wax and wane with time-lapse fury
In my racing heart
Love and anger, hope and despair
But something else has taken hold in there
Keeping time with old emotions
Familiar themes we all are falling toward

© 2008 Tower Bay Records


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